Successful businesses have been taking advantage of the dedicated labor force and business-friendly environment of Rockingham County and the Harrisonburg Metro Area for years. Meet some of our business leaders to get a sense of the innovators and entrepreneurs who are thriving here.


"For almost 50 years, Dynamic Aviation has been leasing and operating aircraft to provide unique and customizable solutions across multiple markets.  We are headquartered in Bridgewater, VA with bases across the continental U.S., its territories, South America and the Middle East.  Rockingham County/Harrisonburg MSA is strategically located near Washington D.C. and other major cities and markets; we have great working relationships with local leaders.  There are several schools and educational institutions nearby that provide training and continuing education for our employees.  The local workforce has a strong work ethic and deeply-rooted values.  Those who live in the Valley care about the community and contribute to its welfare.  The Rockingham County/Harrisonburg MSA provides a positive environment for local business development, and attracts a talented and educated workforce pool.”  
- Michael Stoltzfus, President and CEO 


“As the largest commercial brokerage in the Shenandoah Valley, between Cottonwood and our sister companies, we have 6 locations in total in the area.   Shenandoah Valley workforce is honest, ethical, hardworking people that care about their work product.  The area workforce is best as evidenced by almost every plant expanding in the area.  It is a great location for your business to be located because of the quality of life, fast expanding community, ethical business practices of the area, plenty of cultural opportunities between the Universities and Arts organizations, great restaurants with plenty of food choices and a great downtown.”   
- Keith May, Owner-Broker


 “As Virginia’s largest regional bank, we have the credit availability and product/services that are delivered locally with exceptional customer service to serve our business community.  We chose Rockingham County/Harrisonburg MSA for its location, work force and quality of life. This MSA has what you need to be successful business-wise and to give your employees a great place to live and work.”
- Greg Godsey, Senior VP and Commercial Market Executive



"History, natural beauty, amazing activities, and fantastic people all combine to make Rockingham County the ideal location for the mid-Atlantic's top Four Season Resort.  The work ethic exhibited by the Valley's workforce is second to none.  Dedicated, hardworking, confident, and willing to try new initiatives, they are an exemplary community that works together to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience.  Spend a few days with us, and you will quickly see what makes Rockingham County the perfect place to bring your business.”  
- Matthias N. Smith, Vice President and General Manager




Meet Our Staff

Casey Armstrong
Assistant County Administrator & Director of Economic Development
Rhonda Cooper
Community Development Director
Phillip Rhodes
Director of Public Works
Bradford Dyjak
Director of Planning
Kirby Dean
Parks and Recreation Director
Joshua Gooden
Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator
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