• Locally owned Domino's donating pizza to front liner workers, those in need

    Saturday, April 11, 2020

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    HARRISONBURG, Va. -- Businesses around the Valley have been doing what they can to help the community.

    The locally owned Domino's in the Greater Shenandoah Valley is donating thousands of pizzas to those in need.

    "To be able to kinda engage the entire team to give back and find people that need help, it's really just helped with the morale and the spirit of all our team members too," Becca Miller, a local Domino's franchise owner, said.

    Miller owns the 14 Domino's stores in the Greater Shenandoah Valley and she said they'll be donating to medical centers, grocery workers, non-profits and schoolchildren and families in need of a warm meal.

    "We fed Augusta Medical Center using our three stores in the Augusta County area," Miller said. "We were able to make 530 pizzas to feed the whole staff there."

    Miller said they want to show appreciation to people on the front lines and those who are struggling.

    She said any local organizations that may be in need can reach out to one of her locations around the valley. She said they will try to help who they can.

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